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Ecommerce SEO Services

With so many online stores across the web selling thousands upon thousands of products every day, getting customers to your website can be a challenge. Ecommerce SEO is all about attracting new a profitable traffic to your site with the ultimate goal of converting that traffic into sales.

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    Technical Audit

    We’ll review your website from a technical perspective. We’ll assess how easy it is for your website to be indexed by Google and pull out any technical issues, such as duplicate content (common with ecommerce websites) and fix those so that your site can be found, indexed and ranked appropriately from the off.

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    Design Review

    Just as you’d dress your physical shop to impress, so too should eCommerce businesses take the time to dress their online shops. Your site should be easy to navigate and look professional, displaying trust signals such as security certificates and known payment gateways to assure visitors that their money’s safe when buying from your site.

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    Product Optimisation

    We’ll review the sales copy on your product pages, looking at keyword targeting and use of calls to action to improve search rankings and drive conversions. We’ll look at your use of tools such as schema markup and data highlighting to improve the way your products are understood and represented by the search engines.

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    Category Page Optimisation

    Category pages can improve the user experience on your website by grouping products into themes which make them easier to browse. Much like themed aisles in a physical store, categories are used to lead customers to the products they want to buy. They also have a strong SEO value, enabling you to rank for themed search terms as well as specific products.

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    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Whilst SEO is primarily focused on driving new traffic to your website, your existing traffic shouldn’t be ignored – and this is especially applicable for ecommerce websites when repeat sales and upselling can add a great deal to your bottom line. We’ll assess the sales funnel online to identify the points where people drop off or where there is opportunity to sell more. We can also run split tests on areas of your site using Google Experiments to find the best solution for your customers.

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    SEO Friendly URL

    We’ll review the links of product pages, and fix broken links to improve search rankings and drive conversions. We’ll ensure that your link must be SEO friendly short and concise and according to site hierarchy.

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