SEO Audits and Reviews

Take a fresh look at existing strategies and plan for future success

Regular Reviews

Regular reviews of your SEO strategy help to ensure all the activities undertaken contribute to your goals. We work with a wide range of medium to large businesses, across numerous sectors, helping to deliver leads and sales through SEO. We’ll review your current SEO work to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for you. Get in touch to arrange your audit or read on for more information.

SEO Reviews

Our SEO reviews are intended to give you an overview of how well your current activities reflect best practice, and where ‘quick wins’ and longer terms gains can be found.
While our reports aren’t templated, they do focus on a set of criteria which are known best practice in SEO and include:

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    Google Analytics traffic review

  • mybusiness

    Google Search Console data review

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    Technical SEO review

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    On-page content review

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    Off-page link profile review

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    Penalty risk

SEO Audit

Our SEO audit is a detailed analysis of your current SEO strategy. Our audits are entirely bespoke to you and the scope, and cost, depend on the size of your website and the business goals you’re trying to achieve. Audits may include all of the elements listed in our SEO reviews and:

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    Technical website audit

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    Industry and competitor SEO activity

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    Link building appraisal and back link audit

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    Local SEO performance

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    Content appraisal and gap analysis

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    Implications of Schema and rich snippets in your market

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