About Us

We Are What We Do!

We are a bunch of creative minds running a full-stack design and development house. Based in the heart of London, Codestronaut is a game changer in the industry with expertise in digital marketing - that is a good fit for your business goals. Our proactive dev and design team offers you the best of both worlds with website design and development services, unlike any other. If that’s not enough we are also experts in business analytics, business intelligence and data science to analyse your data with greater speed and understanding for a data-driven workflow. We are AI and Machine Learning enthusiasts that create experiences, build brands and tell stories. We are the talk of the town. We are Codestronaut!

A Rundown Of Our Work Process

Before we start, we require the creative brief and the design strategy that accompanies the client’s business, audience, and the ultimate aim for the project. What’s mapped here sets the stage for the entire project.

Our work speaks for itself and takes the spotlight for obvious reasons. We pay meticulous attention to detail by putting user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) at the forefront in each and every project. With the right balance between design and functionality, and the years of experience that we have accumulated, we produce websites that not only stand apart but also reflect your brand and works for you.

Executing the site launch involves both planning the release and communication strategies. We stand by the Kaizen approach of continuous improvement and understand the growing business needs. Therefore, once the site goes live, you can continually run user testing on new features, monitor analytics, and refine your message.

For more details, drop us a call or email us. Let’s kick start your project.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Working With Us!

We do things a little differently. You won’t find any cookie-cutter solutions while working with us. We pride ourselves in producing quality work in a reasonable time-frame that is also cost-effective.

You are the most important stakeholder in your business, which is why we believe in empowering our clients by taking a collaborative approach keeping in mind any guidelines they need us to adhere to. We are absolutely thrilled to work with clients who are as excited about the project as we are!