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Analytics & Data Visualisation

From measuring your web traffic to finding the right audience for your next marketing campaign, analysing customer data to implement change is the backbone of any online business. We create the right tracking that works to deliver your business goals.

Know Your Customer, Know Your Business

Our tracking services use the very best tools to analyse and understand all your online traffic.

Propensity Extrapolation

AI allows us to predict the likelihood of any customer converting. This allows you to streamline your sales funnel and CRM system to target leads most likely to convert based on historical data analysis.

Custom Attribution

Using custom attribution models in Google allows us to create a model in order to assess conversion contributors based on factors like bounce rate or time on site.

Sentiment Analysis

Using Google's Natural Language API we can analyse customer language to gauge sentiment around a product or service. We can then use language assisted by the natural language API that will help with messaging for your distinct customer base.

Persona Modelling

From all our data, and access to working ecommerce models we are able to model personas based on real world analytical data which are invaluable to segmenting audiences for specific advertising campaigns and split testing experiments.

Analytics & Data VisualisationUse Your Website Data To Grow Your Business!

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Google Data Studio Reports

We create bespoke reports in Google Data Studio that enable you to see the most accurate data from your campaigns, cross device and cross platform. Accurate data displayed in the most insightful way to give your business a digital data advantage.

  • Cross Device
  • Cross Platform
  • Automatic Updates
  • Multiple Data Sources
  • In Depth Reporting
  • Adaptable

Tracking For Paid Advertising And PPC Ad Platforms

We can implement tracking for all of the major advertising platforms from Google Ads, to Apple Search Ads for the app store. We make sure that you can get the most return from your advertising budget by offering bulletproof tracking for the optimal data.

  • Google
  • Bing
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Quora
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Codestronaut Google My Business Listing

Google My Business

We can easily track how your Google My Business generates traffic to your business and with click to call we can track  phone calls as well in your report

  • Optimise Google My Business
  • Track calls from GMB
  • Change opening hours easily
  • Add products & services
  • Add photos and logos
  • Drive traffic to your website

Analytics & Data Visualisation Tools

It's not just what you measure it is how you measure it, so at Codestronaut, we use premium tools and install software integrations quickly and professionally



Popular email marketing platform

Core Web Vitals

Measures user experience on your website

Google Search Console

For the best pre-visit information on your site.

Google Analytics (GA)

Google's proprietary web analytics platform

Adobe Analytics

Adobe's alternative to Google Analytics


Uncover your link network for SEO


Powerful SEO software for business


CRM software and webpage builder


Ecommerce marketing platform for email and SMS

Sales Force

Industry leading sales and CRM software

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