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About Client

Jewel In The Crown is a restaurant grill and cafe that serves Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. It is a family run establishment with recipes that have been developed with experience for over 40 years. Located in the north-western Wales of the United Kingdom, the restaurant is part of the Crown Hotel and is just 10 minutes away from the award winning Castle Beach. Highly recommended by customers with an excellent value for money, the restaurant offers a wide selection of starters to choose from, including their classic favourite Papadoms served with chutney. The menu also offers vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options.


Jewel In The Crown


Food Industry


3 Weeks
New website design for restaurant displayed on different size screens

The Problem

Jewel In The Crown reached out to Codestronaut to set up an online booking and order notification system along with online food delivery for their restaurant. In order to put that in place, Jewel needed an online presence where its customers could place orders, the restaurant kitchen is notified of the order and also where the customers can book a reservation in advance. Their biggest challenge was to find the restaurant's identity with a customer base that was independent of the hotel. We were looking at a standalone outlet.

Included Features

We use our minimalist design approach to create a beautiful bespoke website that is optimised for brand conversion to deliver a sustainable
digital infrastructure for your business

Table Reservation

Table Reservation

Restaurant Table Reservation System

CMS Solution

CMS Solution

Easy To Customise and fully responsive



Beautiful bespoke website that is optimised for brand conversion



Enhanced ecommerce tracking to track all user activity & engagements.

Speed Optimise

Speed Optimise

Fast loading speed under 3 seconds.

Order Placement

Order Placement

Place order online

Hosting & Domain

Hosting & Domain

Premium hosting with SSL certificate

User Guide

User Guide

Detailed User Guide.

How we work



Before we design anything we start with a wireframe that maps out the agreed structure



Our website build time is usually 4-8 weeks depending on scope and comms



We make sure that all you need for a successful launch or redesign is ready to go on the day

The Outcome

To kickstart the project, we were provided with a logo. Under the aegis of our dev and UI/UX design team, a website was developed with an integrated online booking system and food delivery while the order notification system is yet to be configured. The website considers each and every element that shapes the end-user experience. As the general consensus seems to be: To each their own. The website was designed keeping in mind the legacy of the crown hotel. What makes this website stand out even more is the custom font treatment and the overall size allocation capturing the visitors attention. The website also offers a personalised menu card featuring an array of distinctive options. Now, to assist them with getting the word out to guests and locals, we set up and claimed their business listing on GMB.

New restaurant web design displayed across phone screens