Sell Event Tickets With Codestronaut Events

A very fine event ticketing system

Your Money Is Yours, We Don't Take A Cut

If you want to sell event tickets on your website and deliver them to your customers then Codestronaut Events is exactly what you need. When you use our plugin to sell and send tickets, you are essentially setting up your own hosted ticketing solution wherein you control the profits with no requirement to send a cut to a third party.

Already running WooCommerce on your website? Take the best of both worlds! Sell event tickets as WooCommerce products on your website and deliver them to your buyers using the awesomeness of WooCommerce and Codestronaut Events.

Features That Will Make Your Ticket Selling Easier

Everything you need to sell tickets online

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    Shopping Cart

    Allow your customers to purchase any number of tickets

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    Multiple Events

    Create and manage multiple events at once

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    Ticket Builder

    Customise ticket templates as you need

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    Collect taxes

    Manage tax rates easily!

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    Customer Connect

    Have all the ticket purchase information at your disposal and make it work for you when targeting your customers

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    Codestronaut Events works well and looks good with every WordPress theme

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    Export Customers

    User-friendly exporter which will export Attendee List

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    Discount Codes

    Unlimited number of discount codes available

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    Unlimited Ticket Types

    Create any number of ticket types for one or more events

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    Custom Forms

    Gather relevant customer information with custom forms

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    Payment Gateway

    Stripe/ Paypal/ Apple Pay/ Android Pay

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    Check-In Notifications

    Wish your visitors a warm welcome via email the moment they check in

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    Serial Ticket Codes

    Make unique tickets code

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    Sell and deliver tickets to your customers using the awesomeness of  WooCommerce

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