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Digital Design

Our highly skilled design team will work with your business to design everything from your digital advertising, to a full ecommerce website design. We offer a quick turnaround and the highest quality work.

What Can We Design For Your Business?

Our design team are creatively with you from the first thought about your brand design, to supplying the design assets for your international marketing and advertising campaigns.

Style Guide

Our style guide sees your brand is represented authentically across all online and offline media platforms.

User Flow

We optimise the user flow for the journey that your customer takes through your website to provide the best user experience.


We use wireframes to lay out content and navigation for our websites taking into account customer requirements and journeys.

Ad Banners

We design all variety of advertising media, and can supply high value, high converting assets for your marketing campaigns.

Digital DesignWhat Can We Design For Your Business?

Style Guide Specifics

Our style guide sets the design rules for your brand, including logo, font and palette, ensuring that your brand is represented authentically and consistently, internally and externally across on and offline media platforms. We carry this style through all your different media types from pack shot photography to web design.

Typography - Codestronaut


The font you choose for your business will reflect the type of business you run. It may be fun or serious, and the font ought to reflect that. There is nothing wrong with traditional fonts, they are tried and tested, but there are modern fonts that may better suit your business style. We can help you choose the most relevant font for your business.

  • Reflect your business
  • Elegant, modern fonts
  • Fonts that work everywhere
  • Style guidelines
colour palette

Colour Palette

Our team will work with you to select the right colours that work together to represent your business. We will investigate the purpose and effect of colour for your customers, and we will test to make sure the colours resonate with your audience.

One of the first things a visitor will notice about your website is the colour scheme and it can profoundly affect their decision making.

  • Fonts that work everywhere
  • Style guidelines
  • Brand strengthening
  • Make your business stand out


The language of iconography provides a simple visual shorthand to get people to where they need to go more efficiently. A well chosen icon will deliver an appropriate visual aid to site navigation.

Our icons can help your customer experience.

  • Icons are visual shorthand
  • Enhances the customer journey
  • Massive icon library
  • Integrated with your web design

Visual Assets

When your marketing campaigns need graphic design for a flyer, or a poster; when your ecommerce team need pack shots and product photography for your online store, codestronaut will help. Quick turn around times for both online and offline design work makes us the go to choice for all your graphic design needs.

  • Packshots
  • Stock Photography
  • Animation
  • Graphic Design
User Flow - Codestronaut

User Flow

When a visitor comes to your site, they want to complete an action and the user flow is their journey towards this action through the website. This may be a contact form enquiry, or a product purchase. We ensure this process is simple and streamlined.

Once we have created the user flow diagram showing current behaviour we can reconfigure your user flow, making recommendations to redesign and reorganise to get the best result for your customers.

  • Better UI
  • Better UX
  • Increase Conversions
  • Retain Customers


We use a wireframe to layout content and navigation for a website taking into account customer requirements and journeys. Early agreement on website structure can help resolve many issues with building a website, and confirming a wireframe prior to the design stage is essential to this process.

Once the wireframe is complete we can start the process of delivering designs and building the website.

  • Controlled Design
  • Faster Builds
  • Structural Layout
  • Test Ideas
Wireframe - Codestronaut
Ads Banners - Codestronaut

Ads Banners

An eye-catching marketing campaign needs well designed and thought out visual assets. We design banners of all sizes to complement your advertising copy and increase CTR.

  • Skyscraper
  • Full Page
  • Square Ads
  • Banners

Why Talk To Our Design Team?

We love to plan and fulfill design-led marketing strategies where the rewards of a great campaign are increased brand visibility and conversions.

Project Time Saving

Wireframing a project initially can save a lot of time as the fundamentals can be agreed early.

Improved User Journey

When a customer finds a site easy to use they will come back more regularly and lifetime value in an ecommerce site will often increase.

Brand Consistency

We maintain your brand across platforms and media types by dictating the rules of engagement with our custom style guides.

Better Visual Assets

Our digital design team will ensure your advertising campaign's visual assets blow the competition out of the water.

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