Search Engine Optimisation

Basic Optimisation

SEO is a powerful digital marketing tool. While running a website, it is crucial to get the on-page SEO right for your website to perform well on search engines. We run a basic optimisation to figure out what your customers are searching for, to optimise your webpages for relevant keywords and to make your website more accessible.

However, on-page SEO is a bit more complicated than just cramming keywords into your page’s HTML. It also involves optimising your content for user experience, search intent, bounce rate, page loading speed and click-through-rate. Reach out to us and let us optimise your website for it to rank better in the search engines.


Technical Seo

Technical SEO refers to the optimisation of your site structure for crawling and indexing to improve search visibility. It is a broad category that covers all technical aspects from XML sitemaps to core web vitals, schema markups, linking and indexing JavaScript and more. By specifying the preferred domain and revising the URL and navigation structure of your site, your website can be ranked higher in the SERPs with a massive impact on its performance. Sounds a bit too technical? Drop us a call and let us worry about all the technical bits of optimising your website for search engines.

We provide a complete SEO audit report that helps you evaluate the current state of your site and create a roadmap for improvements. We will check for issues that may be holding your site back, uncover easy-to-fix on-site problems, analyse the organic search traffic, run a backlink analysis and a content audit - all of this to help you stand apart in the search rankings.