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SEO Fundamentals

SEO gives long lasting results so it is worth getting the basics in place as soon as possible. Our SEO team can quickly implement fundamental SEO changes to your website that will make a difference to your visibility and traffic.

We Provide A Solid SEO Foundation

We will comprehensively analyse your website and begin optimising from the ground up to ensure your business presence online is built on a solid SEO foundation.

Meta Descriptions

A good meta description will improve click through rates. Crafting a well converting meta description in just a few characters is an art.

H-Tag Structure

Headings help users and search engines to read and understand text. They break content up into easily understood sections, making it easy to follow.

Image Alt Text

The image alt tag, often ignored, is a great textual opportunity to let robots know what image content is on your site, as they can't 'see'.

Broken Links

Broken links give your customer and Google nowhere to go. We will analyse, repair or remove broken links so the best user flow is restored.


Your website's robots.txt file is a set of instructions for the bots that visit the site. We make sure yours has the right information in it.


A good sitemap will tell the bots that visit your site what pages it can expect to find and where. We will check and optimise the sitemap.

SEO Friendly URL

Site urls should be memorable and not filled with unusual characters. We create a meaningful url naming protocol.

Social Media Assessment

We will ensure your social media shares are on brand and contain all the enhancements you need for consistency.

Flash Test

Although nearly obsolete, there are still sites with flash artefacts. We will scan, find and remove them to keep your site optimised.

Doctype Deprecated Tags

We ensure that all the html code on your site is up to date and not deprecated to ensure smooth running with no crashes.


We make sure the analytics pacakges on your site are properly installed and functioning correctly.

Frames Check

We check to see whether there are any frames on your site, which are now obsolete in HTML 5.

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What is so important about SEO fundamentals?

When you get the fundamentals of SEO right, it leads to increased visibility and better quality traffic. From a strong foundation we can build a strong campaign. 

Increased Organic Traffic

A healthy SEO strategy will help increase the amount of customers to your website.

SEO is Trackable

Get valuable business insight from measuring the success of your SEO strategy.

Brand Awareness

Achieve international recognition for your brand through careful on-page and technical SEO.

Boost Trust & Authority

When you are performing well for your keywords, it helps boost customer confidence.

Increased Visibility

Expand your keyword group to increase your visibility in the search engines.

Better User Experience

A properly optimised site will run fast and smoothly, improving user experience.

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