SEO Strategy - Improve Organic Traffic and Visibility

SEO Strategy

A solid SEO strategy will consider all on and off page factors that will affect rank and will implement the correct tactics to achieve more visibility, increased CTR and higher rank.

SEO Strategies Led By Data

Our data-driven SEO strategy will increase organic traffic and website visibility.

Local SEO

We use local SEO as a focused strategy to increase search engine visibility for your online business.

International SEO

International SEO makes sure your website is optimised for a global audience.

Mobile SEO

We optimise the mobile version of your website to be fast and relevant in search.

Link Building

Acquiring quality inbound links from trusted websites improves your website authority in search.

SEO Penalty Recovery

We identify where and why traffic has been lost to create an SEO penalty recovery strategy.

Crawling & Site Audit

Full SEO site audit, using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and a suite of custom tools.

SEO StrategyReady For More Organic Traffic?

Red pin in a map signifying local SEO

Local SEO

We use local SEO as a focussed strategy to increase search engine visibility for your online business. Local seo will also generate footfall traffic to real world stores, via Google Maps and Google My Business optimisation. Any physical business location, or a business with a service area will benefit from local SEO.

A Codestronaut SEO strategy will consider link acquisition, content optimisation, contact page improvements & technical SEO improvements, ensuring your brand remains consistent across devices and platforms.

International SEO

International SEO optimises your website for delivery in different countries. We analyse potential countries to target, do the keyword research for the country and optimise your international pages to SEO best practices, including correct hreflang tags. We help you decide between country and language targeting, optimise the page for that international audience, implement the correct tracking to analyse performance, and advise on promotion within that country, including backlink analysis and link-building.

International SEO represented by globe made of flags
Google shown on a phone screen to signify Mobile Search Engine Optimisation

Mobile SEO

To analyse mobile SEO, we look at site design, structure, speed and content, both in the SERPs and on page. If your site has a good optimisation strategy, and your mobile site design is responsive, then much mobile SEO will already be in place onsite, as far as titles and content is concerned, but a Core Web Vitals analysis might show where speed and usability issues are present. A CRO analysis can identify further bottlenecks and suggest improvements. If images need to be resized or responsive issues need fixing, our development team can help.

Link Building

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting links from other websites and social platforms to pages on your website. This generates a network of links that can affect a website’s ranking and authority. Quality links from trusted sites will help your website gain authority.

Ways To Generate Backlinks

Create great content that people will want to share. They will link to the content to share it with others. Submission to trusted directories can help local SEO, and broader SEO backlink profile.

Links from suppliers, customers and press all can improve your backlink profile for SEO.

Person conducting link building marketing activity on a phone and computer screen
Graph on a tablet showing analysis of a Google penalty

SEO Penalty Recovery

If your website has seen a drop in traffic, it may be changes to the Google algorithm, a questionable backlink profile, thin content, or worse. The Penguin and Panda updates, and ongoing algorithm changes, caused wholesale changes in sites with penalties for thin content and questionable link-building. We identify where and why traffic has been lost, and deliver an SEO penalty recovery strategy, based on the data we find.

Crawling & Site Audit

We start any campaign with an SEO site audit, using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and a suite of custom tools to analyse your business website. We visit your online competitors to understand the marketplace and their SEO strategy to see what is working, and where there is opportunity for growth.
We look for large issues first: canonicals/ duplicate content, noindexing, robots.txt blocks.

Then we suggest quick wins – title tag optimisations, unique meta descriptions to improve CTR, H tag structure We do a thorough backlink analysis and identify competitor overlap to target their links We perform a thorough content review both on page and blog content.

We identify issues with broken internal and external links, missing meta or titles, thin content, site speed and problems with images.

Crawling & Site Audit Activity shown on a notebook and pdf

What will SEO do for my website?

Increased visibility, increased organic traffic, improved click through rates, and longer time on site are all benefits of a thoughtful SEO strategy.

Increased Organic Traffic

SEO will generate more qualified organic traffic to your business website.

Increased Visibility

Be found for more keywords in the search engines when we expand your keyword landscape.

Brand Awareness

We will increase your brand visibility online and make sure you are promoted in the right way.

Better Content

When we apply SEO tactics to blog content or visual content we help it be seen.

Trust Signals

If your website is in the top pages of Google it will command trust from your customers.

Better CTR

SEO can greatly help click through rate by optimising meta descriptions to convert better.

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