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Search Engine Optimisation

A Codestronaut SEO strategy will include link acquisition, content optimisation, local SEO & technical SEO tactics, to make your website as relevant as possible in search, and fast and technically consistent across all devices

SEO Services

We start with the SEO basics to ensure your site starts strong, we install all necessary tracking, we optimise the technical aspects of the SEO along with speed optimisations, and provide comprehensive and helpful reports.

SEO Fundamentals

We begin any project with a fundamental SEO checklist that covers indexing issues, content gap analyses, keyword research, speed optimisations, schema check.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is all the work that can be done for the website technically to ensure the customer receives a seamless experience, and the website is sound for search engines.

Speed Optimisation

Mobile-first indexing and the introduction of Core Web Vitals to assess website speed and usability have changed the way we look at speed optimisation.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO team will listen to your business needs and design a strategy for your website customised to your market needs. We do local and international SEO and everything in between.

Social SEO

It is important for your brand to be represented consistently across all the different social media platforms. We ensure that your brand maintains its identity on social.

Structured Data

Structured data or schema markup is a way of labelling content with special code that gives a lot of extra helpful information to Google. This can help gain rich snippets.

Case Studies

Case Study

Iconic London

Born in the heart of London in 2015, Iconic London ignites your inner confidence with bold, playful makeup.
Case Study

Lucky Saint

Lucky Saint is a brand dedicated to purpose of serving premium alcohol-free beer.
Case Study


Shackleton, a brand providing rough and durable premium clothing to enhance the hike.

How we work



We collect all the data we need to make a plan



We implement our strategy, improving everything on and off page over time, adding and refining where necessary.



Our custom reports visualise data in a way that is simple yet powerful.

What Our Clients Say

What Can SEO Do For Your Business?

Aside from increasing visibility and organic traffic, and SEO strategy will deliver keyword analysis, website technical analysis and speed optimisation recommendations, all of which can be integrated into your marketing plan.

Faster Websites

Our speed optimisation work will help with bounce rates and click through rates onsite, meaning more traffic and improved conversions.

Increased Traffic

Relevant, qualified traffic will come to your site when it is optimised correctly, so that it is returned higher in the SERPs when a search is made.

Analytical Insights

SEO tools provide deep analytical data that inform on marketing and other business decisions, so you can improve your ROI.

Increased Visibility

We expand your keyword groups by using Google Search Console to track what keywords people are using to find your business.

Better Backlink Profile

A great backlink profile will deliver refined, quality traffic to your business and send positive signals to Google about your business.

Strong Content

There's no point in writing content if it isn't going to be found. We optimise your content to perform well, and be relevant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Invest In SEO?

SEO helps online customers find your site in the search engines, by  improving relevancy and rank for your business brand and keywords

How Do You Report On SEO Campaign Progress?

Our reports are customised to your business needs and track the necessary metrics your business needs to show progress for your SEO and website.

Are You A Specialist SEO Agency?

We are a specialist SEO agency, understanding that the other parts of our business, CRO and web development and design, play a crucial part in a top level marketing strategy and allowing us to integrate these other disciplines as a requirement for the optimal business performance.

How Long Does SEO Take To Show Results?

Some changes like a no index tag will show nearly instant results, where we would expect keyword optimisation to show results over a slightly longer period of time. SEO ought to be an ongoing activity, as when work stops on a site, we see positions and traffic decline.

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