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Technical SEO Experts

Technical SEO handles the optimisation all of the technical aspects of a website, including bot crawling, search engine indexing, page rendering and site structure and architecture

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the work done 'off-page' on the website to ensure the customer is delivered a seamless experience. Ensuring all the technology works together cross platform and cross device requires a relationship between developer and SEO strategists that ultimately benefits the visitor.

W3C Validation

Clean code written to W3C best practices is the best for your website.


Proper canonicalisation means the right page is getting the right traffic .


We find and fix broken redirects to send your traffic to the right place.

Server Response

Faster is definitely better, we improve interactions with your server.

Plain Email Text

Sometimes less is more and plain text emails can convert better.

Keyword Optimisation

We can optimise your pages to promote your business keywords

No Follow Tag

We will ensure links in and out of your site are properly maintained, with the correct tags.

No Index Tag

We make sure search engines can find all the parts of the site you want them to.

Safe Browsing

We will find and plug any security vulnerabilities onsite to make sure your business stays online.

Compression GZIP

Compressed files can be delivered much faster over the web leading to a faster website.

Page Size

We will optimise page size to reduce unnecessary server loads and speed up the website.

JS Error

Our team will deal with Javascript errors, runtime or syntax, to keep your site running smoothly.

Technical SEOWant To Talk Technical?

Why Does My Website Need Technical SEO?

Technical SEO optimises the technical aspects of your site to increase your website reach and rank, and reduce cost for your SEO service with improved speed and faster load times.

Optimise Across Devices

We optimise your website so it performs at its best in every situation and on every device.

Gain Rich Snippets

Increase your chances of a position zero result by optimising for rich snippets

Improve Layout and Display

Make sure your page layout and display appear right across all platforms and devices.

Technical Content Improvements

Make sure your content isn't just optimised for on-page, but also technically.

Improve Speed

Faster websites just perform better. Let us help your customers stay longer.

Streamline Code

When code is lean and efficient without unnecessary scripts it just runs quicker.

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