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Tracking Architecture

Refine your tracking architecture to understand your customers and repurpose your website to serve those customers.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

Data is essential to make future plans for your business. We make sure the framework is clean and accurate.

IP Exclusion In GA

Larger companies with a lot of access, and even smaller businesses will want to filter out internal and unwanted traffic by IP address, to achieve more accurate data.

Goals & Events

We can set up complex tracking for goals and events in Google Analytics to ensure that you have the best data to quickly see what is happening, and gain insight on future plans.

GTM Tag & Triggers

Once the Google Tag Manager code is in place on your website we can create tags to measure almost any aspect of user behaviour on your site, from page views, to conversions, without needing to change the website.

User ID Tracking

Identify your user behaviour across multiple devices, by assigning a Google user-id, and gain improved insights into customer behaviour, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to refine market targeting.

FB Conversions API

Facebook Conversions API uses server-side tracking to reduce the amount of conversion data error that may occur when using browser tracking.

Ecommerce Tracking

Ecommerce tracking integrated with your web analytics will give you invaluable business information on your customers and on the performance of your ecommerce website.

Social Pixels

Track visits and more at server level to measure business goals and ensure that data is complete.

Bot Exclusion

We exclude bot traffic from your tracking to process the cleanest data we can for accurate measurement.

Tracking ArchitectureNeed Accurate Tracking?

Why Use Tracking Architecture?

By improving the quality of website data and tracking your customers across sessions and device, we provide the answers you need to make decisions with confidence.

Measure Marketing Campaigns

Measure and compare marketing channel results to understand what works and what doesn't.

Cross Platform Tracking

We can track your customers through different sessions on mobile or desktop.

Know Your Customer

Build a detailed profile of your customer base and target them specifically to increase conversions.

Track Dropoffs

See where customers choose to leave and use your analysis to test and refine your funnels.

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