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User Interface Design

UI Design or User Interface design focuses on the visual elements of a website to make the user feel immediately welcomed and reflected by the design.

As the results of the experiment are driven by real world data, it gives us the confidence to make design changes to the user interface that will positively affect your business.

UI Design Tactics

UI Design is the science of designing a customer interface that best reflects your customer and their interests.

A/B Testing

A/B testing will test between two or more different versions of a web page. When a test is successful the winning version is published.

Redirect Testing

This is a/b testing but by URL, where two totally different versions of a page, like a home page redesign can be tested against each other.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing or MVT is testing variants of two or more elements on two different pages to see which combination is preferable.

Variant Weighting

Variants are given equal weight by Optimise, meaning equal traffic will go to both. We can adjust traffic levels for any experiment.

Element Optimisation

We can focus on any element on page for testing, including navigation, forms, search bar, buttons, videos, trust signals, colours, and content.

Experiment Scheduling

It isn't always convenient to be running experiments while you do business, so we can schedule experiments around your business needs.

UI DesignBetter Performance By Design!

Screen showing Google Optimise for CRO being used for A/B testing

Google Optimise

Google Optimise is built on Google Analytics, possibly the most powerful website analytics tool, and allows you to test almost any element or page against another, using variations of A/B and multivariate testing in order to determine the most suitable element or page for your website based on real world traffic.
Optimise uses cutting edge modelling and targeting to deliver the optimal experiments to the most appropriate customer segments at the best time.

Why Improve Your UI Design?

When a customer arrives at your site, they want a satisfying experience that looks and behaves the same across devices.

Customer Confidence

A great looking website that reflects your customer base reassures your customer that they have made the right choice.

Simple Navigation

Help your customer find what they are looking for quickly, and seamlessly get them there.

Optimal Screen Appearance

With so many different devices, the right design will provide the same experience no matter the screen, or device.

Better Customer Retention

A happy customer who feels well reflected by their choice of business will keep coming back, increasing their lifetime value.

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