Expert Website Maintenance, Hosting, Custom Coding and Support

Website Maintenance & Support

Our website maintenance and support service will make sure your website is kept up to date, optimised for speed and as secure as we can make it. We offer design services, content and image uploading, code installation, and much more.

Essential Web Maintenance

We take excellent care of our managed websites, ensuring they are secure and up to date, and performing as best as they can.

Responsive Check

With Google indexing mobile sites before desktop and mobile visits to websites now exceeding those of desktop visitors, it is essential your website can adapt to all screen sizes. We build beautifully functional, fully responsive designs.

Development Hours

If your website needs work to optimise speed, or add functionality, or design elements, we can assign hours for this. We can do all kinds of things with this time to help your site perform to its best, from design to creating software solutions.

Site Health Monitoring

We monitor the health of your website and receive alerts if the site requires an update to PHP or Wordpress, or if there has been any security warnings. Being proactive means we can respond quicker and fix items before they become a problem.

Secure Daily Backups

Daily backups ensure your site is secure and recoverable in case of emergency. We can restore the backup, quickly getting your business back online

PHP & SSL Checks

We monitor the SSL for the website, making sure your site stays secure, and ensure the PHP is up to date with code and security patches.

Speed Optimisation

With Google now including Core Web Vitals and speed as primary search engine ranking factors, it is essential your website loads quickly.

Staged Website

Our test environment allows us to make changes and improvements without affecting the live site

Technical Optimisation

Working alongside our CRO and SEO team we can quickly implement technical changes onsite.

Site Structure Optimisation

We consider the information hierarchy of your website before implementing changes.

Content Alterations

We can help with your website content, via uploads, image reduction, stock photography and more.

Analytics & Integrations

We install code on site for tracking and analysis making sure it works as it should

On-Page SEO

We support SEO by implementing recommended on-page fixes quickly and efficiently.

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Support Ticketing System

Without a proper support request ticketing system in place it can be hard to track support requests. Our system can track simple and complex requests in a secure system that means tasks get where they need to automatically.

  • Efficient and quick
  • Regular Updates
  • 24/7 Support System
  • Fast Fixes

Web Maintenance Benefits

Our website maintenance packages will ensure your business website remains future-proof, lightning fast and super secure.

Test Anything

Our staging site allows you to develop in a safe environment before pushing changes live.

Scheduled Updates

We know when and why your website needs updating and schedule these so you don't have to.

Secure Backups

Our secure backups happen each night, and we can reinstate a backup whenever it is needed.

Blazing Quick Websites

We are speed optimisation specialists. We love making websites faster, and we do.

Easy Content Changes

We can upload text, optimise images and implement SEO and CRO instructions.

Fix Your Website

Our developers can fix almost anything on a website. Ask what we can do!

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