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Woocommerce is a powerful ecommerce platform built on WordPress. We are Woocommerce developers and designers, and we love to create, build and optimise beautiful, high-performing ecommerce websites.

Woocommerce Ecommerce Platform Features

Woocommerce boasts many excellent ecommerce features out of the box. We can help with whatever else your site may need.

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows your woocommerce online shop to be accessible on different screen sizes for the best mobile and desktop experience.

Easy To Customise

With the popularity of Woocommerce, our developers can easily customise your ecommerce shop to your individual requirements.

Fast Loading

Fast websites mean more sales, so at codestronaut we ensure your site speed is optimised, from images to lightning fast code.

Payment Gateway

We integrate with all the major payment portals and gateways including Stripe, Paypal, Worldpay, for secure payment transactions.

Discount Codes

Trackable voucher codes and discount codes allow you to customise deals for your loyal customers, or align with marketing campaigns.

Shipping Methods

We can organise your shipping charges to cover very specific parameters: variable rates, by country code, and many other permutations.

Upsell & Cross Sell

Related products, upsells and cross selling is a great way to increase the experience and spend of your customers on your ecommerce website.

Social Feeds

Expand your reach by automatically pushing your chosen Woocommerce content to social channels, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Configure Taxes

Our developers can take the sting out of the complexity of different tax structures in ecommerce for different goods and countries.

Google Shopping

We can create and maintain Google shopping feeds, with your products looking their best at the top of the most visible search engine.

Referral Scheme

Word of mouth recommendations can make all the difference, so we can help you build and incentivise referrals from existing customers.

EAN & GTIN Number

Woocommerce will create SKUs but for international sales your store will often require a GTIN number. We can create these very easily

Recent Sale Popup

We can integrate popups to prompt your customers about other purchases on site to show instant social proof of popularity and products.

Offer Product In Cart

Scans products left in the Woocommerce shopping checkout cart or basket and will send an alert to the customer that the item has gone on sale.

Third Party Integrations

Our development team can integrate almost anything from customer relationship management software to analytics programs.

Optimise For Google

Our CRO team will work with our development team to implement A/B and multivariate testing in Google Optimise to increase conversions.

Email Templates

If you want to maintain brand consistency for your business, we can build beautiful, customised email templates for Woocommerce.

Stock Management

Get alerts when stock is getting low, send automatic emails when an item is back in stock, and set low stock warnings for your customers.

Woocommerce SpecialistsGet in touch about your ecommerce project

Why Choose Codestronaut?

Our Woocommerce specialists are dedicated to increasing profit by optimising and improving Woocommerce ecommerce websites.

Faster Ecommerce Websites

Speed makes all the difference nowadays. Our developers know every way to make a Woocommerce website fly.

Limitless Customisations

The flexibility of the Woocommerce system on top of Wordpress means there is no end to the creative ways we can enhance your online store.

Offer Discounts

We can build in discounting based on customer, or any number of other triggers, to increase loyalty and sales.

Simple Shipping & Taxes

Shipping and taxes can be complex, but our knowledge of the system and specialised tools makes this one a breeze.

More Ways To Pay

We handle all the payment gateway integrations and Woocommerce offers the flexibility to accept payment through more providers.

Targeted Customer Alerts

Alert your customer base when an item in their basket goes on sale, and many more helpful notification types that help increase sales..


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